Important Things To Know About Football

English: pass in soccer. The long-through ball...

English: pass in soccer. The long-through ball diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Football is a popular sport in the World today, and FIFA World cup tournaments have taken a lead in this well-paying sport. Even though many Football fans aspire to be stars in the field, many do not succeed in spite of their tireless efforts. However, John Thornell is a perfect example of a football star whose passionate and aggressive approach to Football has made him veer off the ground to the top level of the football world. Today, he is making difference in the careers of many aspiring football stars.

He is known because of his knowledge and expertise in football. However, he has groomed his career in football from a young age. After realizing the talent at that young age, he went through guidance and training and as a result, his football skills improved remarkably. Today, he has played different tournaments and won many matches for his team through his excellent leadership skills. However, despite his excellent skills in playing football, he has decided to quit his career as a player and focus solely on coaching. It is his professional knowledge of the game that has made many fans to look up to him.

Apart from coaching football teams, he enjoys coaching children in the sport. According to him, playing football is a good way of doing exercise for the children and especially those suffering from obesity. In addition, this helps the kids to stay active in a positive way than indulge in harmful habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. He adds that it is important for parents to motivate their kids to play football. During his free time, however, he plays sports and FIFA 16 Coin Generator with Mark, his son.

His role as a mentor and coach in the football world has made his fans to refer to him as the football sultan, meaning that he possesses the ability and the expertise to lead a team to victory. Over his football career, he has been celebrated as a smart coach. He bases his success on his belief that passion, interest and effort are the key things to success.

Currently, he is a blogger and a consultant in sports. His blog is about his passion in life – Football. He loves to do reviews about football and post informative blogs in his website. Apart from his career, John Thornell loves biking, hiking, mountain climbing, camping playing FIFA 16 cheats, and rappelling.

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