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John M. Thornell is man who knows everything about football, this former football player and coach is considered by many as an expert when it comes to the details, facts and points that are related to football games, matches and players. Because of this, neophyte football players always consider John M. Thornell as an inspiration in pursuing their passion for football. This man has played football very well and has done it in order to motivate and inspire others to do the same thing as well. When it comes to coaching, John is considered a genius since he is capable of helping teams win a lot of games. However, Thornell is already retired from coaching football teams. Instead, he spends most of his time as a blogger and a football consultant. He is even considered as a critic who posts reviews on different football matches and players. To know more about the blog author, read on below.

English: Ryan Valentine scores the goal that k...

English: Ryan Valentine scores the goal that keeps Wrexham in the Football League. Fran├žais : Ryan Valentine marque le but qui permet au club de Wrexham de se maintenir dans la ligue de football. Italiano: Ryan Valentine segna il gol che mantiene il Wrexham nella Football League Deutsch: Ryan Valentine schie├čt das Tor das Wrexham den Klassenerhalt in der “Football League Two” sichert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite his busy time in writing blogs about football and playing FIFA 15, John is also a very proud father. He has a son named Marc, who he also inspires to play football. Becoming an inspiration to others is also one of his goals aside from playing football. He is very fond of kids and he likes to teach them how to play football as well. According to him, skills and knowledge are important keys in order to effectively coach a football team and end up becoming victorious. However, he also pointed out that parents could also become great motivators and coaches of their own kids. This is the reason why he tries to influence parents to take the first step in introducing their kids to all kinds of sports, especially football.

According to him, playing football is not all about the technical skills and abilities of the player. In order for one to become successful and win a particular game of football, he or she must also display passion and interest to the sport. John even commented that a passionate person could end up more victorious than a skillful player. This means that playing with heart is very important in order to win a game in football. This should also be displayed or exhibited by parents in order to inspire their children in playing the game. They should not only love football, but they should also display affection towards their children. By doing these things, parents can definitely become effective coaches and mentors to their kids. These are just some of the works and point of views of football expert John Thornell. Check out his recent discovery about FIFA 15 Coin Generator.

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